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Should I replace my front door?

Your front door is the focus of your home’s exterior.  Often doors that were part of a home’s original construction are of poor quality and style.  Yet, your front door is the first thing that your friends and family see when they enter your home.

Over time cheaply constructed doors fall apart and need to be replaced.  In addition, older doors often  provide poor energy efficiency, which can create drafts and increase your heating and cooling costs. A new front door can not only fix these problems, but it can also make a dramatic improvement to your home’s front facade.

New doors are constructed as single units out of fiberglass.  Fiberglass can be moulded to very closely resemble expensive wood, but unlike wood, fiberglass is a stable material.  New doors come in an endless variety of styles and long lasting finishes to suite anyone’s taste and needs.  In addition, they can typically be installed in less than a single day.

If you are interested in replacing your existing front door, I would be more than happy to stop by and offer you a free consultation, along with my years of practical experience.