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Big problems that look like small problems

Sometimes what looks like a minor repair can really be a major one.  I was called to do a cedar siding repair on a house in Naperville.  It you take a look at the first picture you can see what appears to be some simple water damage to the house’s siding.  

However, when the siding was removed a more serious mold growth was discovered on the house’s envelope.  This mold could present a health hazard to the home’s occupants.  The cause of the problem was evident, a lack  of a water diversion system for the gutter.

The solution to the problem was simple and involved installing a kickout flashing diverter that prevented any water from running down the siding.  If this diverter would have been placed when the original siding was installed an expensive repair could have been avoided.

If you see what appears to be a minor siding problem that is changing even slightly, have the issue inspected before a minor repair turns into a major one.