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When many homeowners think of their roof, they think of shingles. What they should be thinking about is their roofing system.  A roofing system consists of shingles, vapor barriers, leak barriers, ventilation components, pipe flashing and other parts .

One of most important factors of a healthy roof is its ventilation system.  A ventilation system circulates the attic air to control both temperature and humidity.  These factors have a direct impact on your roof’s longevity.  Some contractors will make the mistake of installing both passive and active ventilation products on the same roof.  This practice can actually reduce your attic’s ventilation, and shorten your roof’s life span.

Understanding shingles can also benefit the homeowner. Certain types of shingles and installation procedures can offer a higher levels of protection from wind damage. Some shingles are more reflective, which can lower your air conditioning costs.

If you have other products, such as skylights, you should consider replacing them when you re-shingle your roof. Old skylights can be a primary source of new leakage.  

A reputable contractor should discuss these, and other important factors with you before you sign a contract to replace your existing roof.

What should I know when it is time to replace my roof?