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Every Gizmo Home Craft project starts with a free consultation from our owner, Tom Debski. Tom’s objective is to determine your needs and to explore your design vision. During your consultation, Tom will also offer suggestions based on current design trends, as well as his 25 years of practical experience.

Depending on the type of job, it may be necessary to bring in additional experts. For instance, a cabinet designer may be consulted for a kitchen remodeling job. Lastly, it is not unusual for Tom to provide a second meeting to further refine your project and to address any additional concerns that you may have. All of the above services are free of charge to you.

The actual cost of any home improvement project is dependent on your material choices, but it is possible to determine approximate project costs during the initial consultation phase. Tom will clearly provide you with this information based on your design goals.

Tom will also inform you about the construction process, and the approximate time that a given project will require to be completed. In addition, it may be to your advantage to complete several projects simultaneously. For instance, it may be useful to replace your gutter system when you replace your roof. If indicated, Tom will discuss these options with you


Once you decide to engage Gizmo Home Craft for your project, you will be asked to sign a contract, and a target start date is determined. Beyond the initial down payment, partial payments are usually made during the construction process, with the final payment due at the time of the project’s completion. Naturally, the cost of custom and other non-refundable items are paid in full by you at the time of their purchase.

To learn more about Gizmo Home Crafts’ rules of work etiquette, click here.

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