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Gizmo Home I Craft

Rules of Work Etiquette

Most of our customers continue to occupy their homes during a construction or remodeling project. We understand that our worksite is also your living area, and we will do everything reasonably possible to minimize any negative impact to your daily activities.

All projects start with a comprehensive and scheduled plan.  Our goal is to start a project on time and complete a project on time.

Creating a clean and safe work environment is our number one priority.

When doing interior work we will isolate the work area using zippered barriers and self-adhering carpet protection. Dust removal systems will be employed to reduce dust when indicated.  At the end of the day, we will make sure that the work area is left tidy and safe.  When a job is completed, we will work hard to put everything back in order.

Exterior work often requires a greater workforce and larger blocks of materials than interior work.  We will work hard to keep your driveway and garage space as open as possible. When a job is completed, we will clean up after ourselves and use techniques, such as magnetic nail sweeps, to make sure that your exterior environment is returned to you as we found it.

It is our goal to stay on schedule. If there is an unavoidable change in schedule, we will let you know what that change is, and why it was necessary to implement it.

We are committed to being considerate guests in your home, we want you to invite us back.