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Are there windows that can reduce interior noise?

I was called to a job in Naperville.  The owner wanted to replace his original 30 year old “contractor special” windows, which were rotting and falling apart. He had an additional problem of street noise.  

His young son’s bedroom faced a busy thoroughfare, and it was difficult for his son to sleep.  Pella offers many different types of windows, with a variety of glass options.  One type is called Laminated Insulated Glass.  This type of window is normally used in hurricane zones, as it is extremely durable and shatter resistant.  However, its superior construction also provides excellent noise reduction, which was a perfect solution for his son’s bedroom.  The new windows were installed and  they had a dramatic impact on lowering the street noise in his son’s room.

One of the  advantages of Pella windows is that there are so many different options.  It is possible to mix and match different window series in the same home, while maintaining a uniform appearance.